Strandline Resources - New heavy mineral sands discoveries and extensions at Tanga South

Strandline Resources - New heavy mineral sands discoveries and extensions at Tanga South

Strandline Resources (ASX:STA) announced new heavy mineral sands (HMS) discoveries and extensions which reaffirm the scale potential and commerciality of its tenement portfolio in the Tanga region of Tanzania. Aircore drilling results confirmed the discovery of multiple new higher grade deposits at the Tajiri and Pangani-Tongoni tenements and showed potential to extend the existing Tajiri Mineral Resources.  

Aircore (AC) drilling results for the heavy mineral sands (HMS) mineralised corridor south of Tanga (Tanga South) confirms the discovery of multiple new higher grade deposits at Tajiri and Pangani-Tongoni tenements and shows potential to significantly extend the existing Tajiri Mineral Resources.

Early geophysical and geochemical analysis at Tanga North (Kitambula) confirms a series of large coherent HMS mineralised zones at surface, ready for target drilling and Mineral Resource delineation by the Company.

These results re-affirm the increasing HMS scale potential and commerciality of Strandline Resources’ tenement portfolio in the Tanga Region, spreading over 100km’s of contiguous coastline. This announcement summarises the key results from the recent Tanga regional AC drilling and reconnaissance programmes:


  • New HMS Discoveries at Tanga South – Assay results from drilling key targets has confirmed the discovery of two new higher grade HMS deposits; Tajiri T4 and Vumbi located north of Pangani village:
    • Both HMS discoveries occur from surface and were discovered by drilling coincident topographic and radiometric features.
    • Tajiri T4 is defined by a 3.2km long mineralised zone, 200 – 400m wide and 6 – 9m thick. Higher grade results include: 9m thick @ 6.7% THM, 6m @ 4.5% THM, 6m @ 4.0% THM and 7.5m @ 3.3% THM.
    • Vumbi mineralisation is some 4.0km long, up to 400m wide with holes along strike ending the mineralisation at 15m deep. Higher grade drill results include: 15m @ 4.2% THM including 9m @ 5.5% THM, 18m @ 3.6% THM including 12m @ 4% THM and 7.5m @ 5.2% THM.
  • Confirmation of Sizeable Tanga South (Tajiri) Mineralisation Extension – Drilling at Tajiri T1 has defined a 1.6km long mineralised zone extension 600m wide, at surface and up to 13.5m thick:
    • Higher grade drill results include 6m @ 4.8% THM, 13.5m @ 4.0% THM including 7.5m @ 5.4% THM and 9m @ 3.6% THM including 3m @ 5.6% THM.
    • The extension zone shows a high value, titanium dominated mineral assemblage similar to the initial Tajiri Indicated Mineral Resources (59Mt @ 3.7% THM) containing 87% valuable heavy mineral (VHM) including 68% ilmenite, 10% rutile, 5% zircon and 4% leucoxene.
    • Further infill drilling of the extension zone to be undertaken to delineate the higher grade THM prior to an update to the Mineral Resource estimate.
  • Tanga North Priority Drill Targets Defined – Geophysical and geochemical analysis from a series of radiometric anomalies at Kitambula confirms coherent mineralised zones with strong potential to grow the Mineral Resource inventory in the Tanga Region. AC resource drilling planned from April 2017.

Strandline’s Managing Director and CEO, Luke Graham commented, “These drill results provide a positive step towards building more Mineral Resources in the Tanga Region and further demonstrates the potential scale and grade of a Tanga operation.

"The Company will now undertake resource infill drilling to define the higher grade boundaries of the new discoveries at Tanga South, while also embarking on the highly prospective Tanga North maiden drill programme."

Tanga Region Exploration – Delineating a Series of High Grade Deposits

The Company has received assay results from its next phase of exploration drilling across the Tanga South tenements at Tajiri and Pangani-Tongoni, located near the port infrastructure of Tanga in north-east Tanzania.

Recent exploration has been very successful in identifying at least two new promising discoveries at Tajiri and the Pangani-Tongoni tenements and confirming a significant higher grade HMS mineralisation extension zone south of the current Tajiri Indicated Mineral Resource (19mt @ 5.1% THM). With some additional infill drilling in the next campaign from April 2017, the Company is confident of increasing its high grade Mineral Resources inventory in this highly mineralised coastal corridor (refer Figure 2).

Further, the Company has qualified the HMS prospectivity of the Tanga North (Kitambula) area through geophysics and reconnaissance and will prioritise drilling multiple higher grade targets in the next campaign.

In parallel with exploration, the Company will progress an internal concept evaluation of project development options and strategies. This includes consideration of a hub style operation in the Tanga Region based on mining a series of ‘economic grade’ HMS deposits along the 100% owned tenement package.


A total of 302 holes for 3,006m were drilled along the 25km Tajiri mineralised corridor during the AC campaign in the December quarter. All sample intervals were submitted for THM analysis and the results are summarised as follows:

Tajiri T1 HMS Resource Extension

The mineralisation from the Tajiri Mineral Resource has been extended some 1600m further to the south with a 200 - 600m wide zone of lower grade mineralisation flanking a 200 - 300m wide zone of higher grade with good continuity across and along strike. The mineralisation begins at surface with thicknesses ranging from 6 - 12m. Infill drilling and a Mineral Resource upgrade of the extended Tajiri Resource (currently 19mt @ 5.1% THM) is planned for next season's drill campaign from April-2017.

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