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Crowdsourced equity about to debut

Crowdsourcing equity financing has been bubbling around Canberra for a few years now. There have been several bills floated, deferred and then recrafted over this period. However, it finally looks like crowdsourced equity will finally see the light of day.

ASX playing a game of CHESS

Twenty years ago, the ASX introduced a system for post-trade processes of Australia's equity market, known as CHESS (the Clearing House Electronic Subregister System). When implemented, it was revolutionary in its sophistication in improving the efficiency of matching and settling trades.

Planning for the unplannable

Externalities are events that are largely out of your control, like the weather. There can be positive externalities, such as when a major celebrity wears and promotes your fashion label on Instagram and there can be negative externalities, such as when access to your business is restricted by a major road redevelopment.

Are we moving from steady gains to FOMO?

An analytical look back over the past 12 months for resources companies in Australia tells you that it has been pretty solid and good for investors. There are plenty of indicators that commodity price rises are not nearing their peak and share price gains have further to go.